Terrassen Van Hoof

The windscreen, pergola and umbrella professional for your HoReCa terrace.

Your terrace is an important part of your HoReCa business, in most cases, it is the first impression your customers get from your business. A nicely designed terrace will attrackt people passing by to enter to your establishment. With a reliable terrace, you will attrackt more customers and generate more revenues. e qui donnera envie au passant d’y pénétrer. Avec une belle terrasse de qualité, vous attirerez une clientèle plus nombreuse et générerez des revenus supplémentaires. Your terrace is not a cost, it is an investment !

Don’t go for the ordinary, choose elegance, combined with quality and reliability. You selected the best products for the rest of your establishment, why do different for your terrace. And higher quality doesn’t always have to be expensive, let Terrassen VAN HOOF be the proof of it.

Van Hoof is active from 1947, and today the undisputed leader in Belgium for windscreens, pergolas and umbrellas. All the bigger Belgian breweries are amongst our reliable customers, just like several cities ! All this thanks to fast and excellent service, combined with high quality products.

Do you too want a prospering terrace ? Don’t hesitate, discover our products and take contact and ask for your free advice and proposal.